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A New Year a new start or stuck in the same rut?

Well, here we are and it is 2022

A new year with hopefully some smoother days ahead compared to the last two years. Helping us achieve ticking those goals off our lists.

Everyone makes new plans, new lists, new goals with the best intentions of starting the new year off in a positive mind set.

At times though finding themselves achieving very little by the years end.

What happens? Why do things go so wrong?

More often than not LIFE in general is the problem. Things happen in our work and personal lives and the grand plans of achieving so much seeming slip through our fingers.

The biggest trap can be our own expectations

We expect just because we have started that magically results will happen straight away.

They don't - everything takes time.

We need to learn to be realistic about our expectations and also learn to be patient - This is not a race.

Things worth doing take time and that is just how it is - things take time.

There is no magic pill or quick fix - Just consistent effort, hard work and patience.


The first mistake people make is going too hard too soon.

They get over tired, sick or injured and the routine cycle breaks down. Missed days turn into weeks and then into months and you are back to square one.

The second mistake people make is not having their goals and daily routines aligned with each other. By this I mean their goals are one thing; but you have to be honest with yourself.

Now you have a plan of attack

Work out what you would like to achieve - fitness, new skills, new sport etc.

These can be then broken down into short term and long term goals.

These need to be realistic and attainable otherwise you will loose faith, focus and drive to continue.

Workout your schedule and what time realistically you will have available.

Will your goals be achievable with your daily life demands - work, family/home requirements of your time?

Also push come to shove can you alter you schedule or daily routine?

By this I mean if the evenings are just likely not going to work for your time schedule - well maybe mornings are your best option.

So, that would mean some discipline in your life routines. Earlier to bed and enough sleep to be ready for say a 6am workout or class.

Creating Balance

The understanding from here now needs to be the "patience" factor with yourself.

Things will not always go to plan and there will be some give and take between you daily life schedules - work and home - this is very important step that works directly in alignment with patience. That is creating "balance".

Both balance and patience need to work in harmony. They won't at times and this is where you need to have the skills to adjust as it goes and not become so fixated about your routine being broken.

If you don't, believe me this is where the disharmony creeps in and problems happen in either work or home life or both. Again expectations in alignment with the "real life" time you have to work and live within.

To recap

Set out your short term and long term goals - short term must be realistic and attainable.

Workout a realistic time schedule you have available and can this be changed.

This may require a bit of sacrifice early on - making time.

If you really want it you will do it.

Be patient with yourself.

Be disciplined with yourself.

Try to maintain a healthy balance.

If you have a bad day, week or even a month it is not the end of the world.

Refocus - create the balance and get back on track.

Patience + Consistency + Discipline = Freedom

Read this last bit again

Now be the change you want to see and get after it

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