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Jiu Jitsu / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / BJJ - Often referred to as the "Gentle Art".

It is a combination of standing and ground fighting techniques.

Utilising takedowns, throws and sweeps to off balance and counter an opponent.

Also using various submission moves to incapacitate your opponent or make them tap (submit) via various chokes or locks.


The Jiu Jitsu program at the Bushido Academy is run by Coaches Jolyon & Brenda Foster.

Bushido Academy is proudly part of the Born to Roll Team.

This team within Australia is headed by Olavo Abreu BJJ Black belt Coaches

Bernard Jenkins and Michael Moloney.

Internationally this team is instructed by head Coach Professor Olavo Abreu,

a 5th Degree Carlson Gracie Black belt.

The classes cater to kids, teens, and adults - beginners to advanced.

They are split into three age categories:

  • Cubs 4-6yrs - Kinder & Prep school

  • Kids 7-12yrs - Primary school

  • High school & Adults 13yrs+ - High school-age students upwards

The High school & Adult classes are split into two groups:

  • Beginners and intermediate class

  • Intermediate and advanced class

Students participate regularly in competitions and regular seminars are run at the academy throughout the year with our head coaches.

To book your week of trial classes with us - Please call Brenda on 0438 854 179

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